BOZENA DIAK – Owner, Instructor and Director of BYBC

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2010 in Toronto. It was an intensive physical exercise with a teacher who was more like a personal trainer. I had a wonderful feeling of well – being.

I was hooked! My experience with Bikram Yoga is that it is healing, relieves stress and causes a gain of energy. It is the best form of yoga for any age or physical condition. I believe that Bikram Yoga works.

“As long as you try, you will still get benefits but you have to try.” – Bikram Choudhury

I became a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher in spring 2012. My goal is to help as many people as I can through practicing Bikram Yoga.

See You soon in Hot Room!


MARIA BERNAL – Instructor

Maria discovered Bikram Yoga in 2008. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, however, it was her experience with Bikram Yoga that changed her life’s path. She quickly felt at home after her first class in 2008 at Bikram Yoga Toronto East. It was a year of so many struggles and loss, but her practice kept her strong on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It seems like her life’s breakdowns became her breakthroughs through her practice. She fully explored this discipline at the Teacher Training Fall 2009- and once again allowed herself to be transformed. She currently teaches with passion, positive energy, and understanding of yoga’s profound impact to so many people. She is most inspired by her mother , Linda and Aunt Teresa’s regular yoga practice-both proponents of famous saying” you are never too old, never too sick, never too tired to start from scratch again”. Maria is also a certified Kid’s yoga teacher. She would like to witness yoga be part of many communities and all stages of life.


JOHN DADOSKY – Instructor

John Dadosky discovered hot yoga in 2003 and has never looked back. He completed training at the Bikram Yoga Headquarters in LA and began teaching in 2005. For him, the hot room is a greenhouse for the body, mind and spirit. It provides the perfect balance to his life in the university.



Early in her teens Marina became intrigued with natural ways of preserving health and longevity. In her twenties, she discovered Hatha yoga and the amazing connection of the body, mind, and the power of breath. Later in her life she was seriously injured in a car crash. Shattered pelvis, collapsed lung, and other internal injuries meant grim prognoses for full recovery. After months of rehabilitation she discovered Bikram yoga. There was something amazingly powerful and intense about it. It encompassed all the principles she adopted on her quest for health. With regular practice she was able to fully recover. Bikram yoga became a permanent part of her life by becoming certified teacher in 2003. Life put her through another test in 2012. An assault left her with fractured knee and a serious eye injury. Again, it took the power of Bikram yoga for physical, and even more for emotional healing. Today, she continues to teach and practice.


KRISTINA – Instructor

I stepped into my first Bikram class in the spring of 2007. After a year, I was practicing daily as I began to truly feel the intended benefits of the Bikram yoga sequence. Eventually, I knew that the next step for me was to teach, and share my passion for Bikram yoga with others. I first began teaching after attending Bikram’s Teacher Training in the fall of 2010 in San Diego, California. I hope to inspire others to discover the countless benefits that it has to offer. The sequence is therapeutic and completely accessible to everyone. All that is required is a willingness to learn, and an acceptance that it is a journey; a journey of improvements in all aspects of life. Just make up your mind to take that first step, and step into your first class.

“The spine is the source of all energy in human life. If you have a good spine the gods will chase you.
Nobody has psychological or emotional problems. Everyone has a bad spine.”

– Bikram Choudhury